Forest School Sessions and Staff Training


Rainbows and Puddles is a family run outdoor learning company established in 2010. We are dedicated to working with children and young people connecting them with nature and the outdoors.

As part of our services we offer outdoor sessions for children and staff.

The emphasis of this work is to not only work with the children in the outdoors but to provide staff with a hands-on training approach at the same time. Therefore staff will accompany the outdoor learning leaders and actively take part in the sessions with the children.

So far we have worked with nurseries, primary and secondary schools in Glasgow and East Ayrshire as well as the national autistic society at Daldorch House School.

Price List (o/l means Rainbows and Puddles outdoor learning leader)

One 3 hour session £150 (with one oll) £250 (with 2 olls)

One 4 session block £550 (with one oll) £900 (2 olls)

One 6 session block £780 (with one oll) £1350 (2 olls)

One 6 session block with a choice of 3 outdoor permanent structures or products designed and built by the leaders. Examples: story telling chair, waterways, rope ladders and bridge, large musical instruments, sensory totem poles, planters, hobby horses, joiners workshop.  Cost: £2200

Special one day events specific to the needs of your establishment can be created and delivered by our team such as children and family bush craft days (prices start at £350 and are subject to the individual establishment's requirements).



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